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Notice: There are many font-downloading portals on the web. Their listings are sometimes overlapping and some of them are referring each other. Fonts available from those web sites have been collected from many sources and are intended by the authors to be distributed either as shareware (please register with the original authors!), freeware, or they have been placed in the public domain by the authors. You download and use these files at your own risk. Every effort has been made to provide virus-free files, but no guarantee.

General Source

SIL’s Font in Cyberspace: A guide to finding language fonts on the Internet. Containing sources for more than 121 languages.

Dr. Berlin’s Font Archives for Windows: A personally managed web site for more than 20 language font.

Prof. Luc Devroye's FONT PAGES: at School of Computer Science, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. A personally managed font resource for Indic languages.

The Language Hub "Any Language, Anywhere"


Technology Development for Indian Languages (TDIL)

Computers in Indian Language

Southeast Asian Computing and Linguistics: Font and Keyboard resources: A site produced by Doug Cooper, Bangkok. providing Lao, Thai, Burmese Fonts. Also see SEALANG Font Directory by the same author.

Yamada Language Center Font Archives:

Linguistlist Font Sources: Some of fonts are not for free downloading.

Local Language Site with Free Font Downloading

Many fonts have been developed and distributed for almost all writing systems around the globe. But not many fonts are actually used by widely accessed web pages. Here in this section, we collected 

Script name Encoding scheme Font family name Local language site/Downloading site
Assamese   AS-TTDurga TDIL
Bengali   BengaliAssamese Vijay IITS
    BN-TTDurga TDIL
    Progoty IITS
    Shymal01 SIL
Buggis   Makassar Constructed langauge
Cambodian/Khmer Anlongville Khek Cambodian Information Center:  
Devanagari   Devanagari New SEALANG Font Directory
    Jagran Dainik Jagran
    Yogeshweb Nava Bharat, TDIL
    Sandesh Sandesh Online
Gujarati   GJ-TTAvantika TDIL
    Gujarati Saral
Gujarati Demo
    Gopika Gujarati Samachar
hPhaghs-Pa     see Phaghs-Pa
Jawi (Malay in Arabic) presentation form Mudir Thai SEALANG Font Directory
    Jawi Naskh DT Z
Kannada   KN-TTUma TDIL
Korean, see Hangul       
Kurdish   Kurdish Web International Systems Consultancy


LaoNet/Lao Script for Windows:

    Lao Dhamma SEALANG Font Directory
Malayalam   ML-TTKarthika TDIL, Deepika  
    Keralax Kerala Express Online
Kerala Today
    WebNet Kerala Online
    MalayalamAbe and 
various other fonts
Manipur   Meetei Mayek Meetei Mayek
    Vishnupuriya Manipuri
Uttam Singha
Pouri Home
Mon   PeguwpScaled SEALANG Font Directory
  Ulanbatar SIL, Dr.Berlin
  NewtonCTT SIL, Dr.Berlin
Myanmar   Mya NormalA Southeast Asian Computing and Linguistics: Font and Keyboard resources
    BurmeseNewFont SEALANG Font Directory
    Wwin_Burmese SEALANG Font Directory 
Nepali   Himali
Nepali Home Page/Nepali Fonts
Oriya   OR-TTSarala TDIL
Phaghs-Pa or 
  Phaghspa Constructed Languages
Persian   Persian Web International Systems Consultancy
Punjabi   PN-TTAmar TDIL
    Punjabi Sans IITS
Sanskrit   RK Sanskrit IITS
Sinhala   Sinhala Language Page

Tamil   Adhawin-Tamil IITS
    Jaffna Normal
    Mi_ifthi ?
    Palladam IITS
  TAB (bilingual) TAB-Anna 
  TAM (monolingual) TAM-Kalaignar 
    Tamilweb Jayachandran Kopinath
    TM-TTValluvar TDIL
    TML Diamond Nath Techno Media
Telugu   TL-TTHemalatha TDIL
Thai   FixedDB ThaiText Southeast Asian Computing and Linguistics: Font and Keyboard resources
Thai(Ramkhamhaeng)   Ramkhamhaeng A SEALANG Font Directory
Tibetan   LTibetan Dr.Berlin's
    Tibetan Modern A SEALANG Font Directory
    Tibetan 2 Modern A SEALANG Font Directory
    Samw Dr.Berlin's
    U-chan Yamada Language Center Font Archives:  
Urdu   P!URDU  
    Urdu Web International Systems Consultancy

Nhan Dan: The Central Organ of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

      Viet Net
      VOV News: Radio the Voice of Vietnam
  VNI VNI-Times VNI Software Company
SEALANG Font Directory
  VISCII Heo May, Hoang Yen,
Minh Quan, UHoai
TriChlor Organization

On-line Font Shopping Site (Not for free downloading !)

InProS: An Indian Language solution provider.

Linguist’s Software – Fonts for the Whole World

Saral Soft A collection of personally developed Indian font set. By Vijay K. Patel. Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil, Sanskrit, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Assamese, Kannada, Oriya, and Indian Artwork fonts are available

Tagalog: Computer Fonts, Tagalog Script of the Philippines.

Hanunóos, Buhids of Mindoro and the Tagbanwas of Palawan:

Other Font Links

Microsoft Typography: Links to Font related sites.

Apple Font Links: Links to Font related sites.  

True Type Resources: Huge collection of True Type font resources, but a little Asian fonts are included.

International Font Register

AFII: The Association for Font Information Interchange. AFII was created to promote the standardization of font data required to produce ISO/IEC 10646. But after completing the printing of the final draft of the second edition of ISO/IEC 10646-1, the association has been dissolved effective August 31, 1999. AFII has withdrawn as the registration authority for glyph registration under ISO/IEC 10036:1996.

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