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Task: The user wants to browse books related to chaos theory. The actual text of the goal statement submitted to CoLiDeS was "I am searching for a link for chaos theory. Chaos theory is the hottest scientific theory since relativity, a new paradigm in the realm of mathematics, mathematicians' and scientists' breakthrough discovery of order in chaos, and a mathematical formalism for describing complex, indeterminate physical systems in complicated equations. Chaos theory overturns deterministic theories of classical physics, showing that systems obeying precise laws can behave in a random fashion, and showing the emergence of order from disorder and the generation of random patterns from chaos and uncertainty."

User: The simulated user frequently visits on-line book stores, and Amazon.Com is one of his favorite. He is familiar with its home page. He has been using the browser running on Windows OS for a long time, and thus has no trouble comprehending various interface components.

Simulation Step 1 of 15: New Page

When the user opens the URL, Amazon.Com provides a personalized home page as shown by the image.

The status chart shown above highlights the current state of simulation, that is, a New Page is provided by the site.

This figure serves as the input for the next process, Segment Page, which is first part of the attention phase.

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